April Fool’s

Morning, only four hours later.  I was surprised to see all the views on my blog when I got up. Kind of cool and scary at the same time. This morning though, I’m not going to vent. Today is all about memories.

So Ankur’s two most favorite holidays were Haloween and April Fools Day. he truly had a playful spirit.  The first April Fools we spent together he got up early for work to go get Dunkin Donut holes or munchkins or whatever they are called. He wanted to “replace” the cherry filling with ketchup. He was so proud of this prank. I don’t think he ever really did it, but he will tell you about all the glorious pranks he had come up with over the years. Some of the ideas were just plain crazy and weird but you cou help but to laugh and get caught up in his spirit. For those who never met him, he was always just so full of life that it beamed through his smile and goofy “dance moves”.  I actually haven’t met a person who truly didn’t like him.  Now, everyone called him an asshole, but it’s really in the most loving manner with a smile on their face and a laugh behind their words as they said it.  Because he really wasn’t, he just loved to pick and trick and joke.  I had to step up my game of snappy comments. Even to the point where I start to say them now and I’m like well that’s totally inappropriate. I was walking with one of my best friends the other day and I said something totally off-color to be funny. It totally slipped out. I said, I’m so sorry it’s really habitual now. She just laughed because she knew. It’s almost like he was there but I was speaking for him.  It’s the little things like that, that make me smile and shake my head because they are usually the times I miss him most and it’s like he is whispering things in my ear just to let me know he is still here. So go people prank away today for Ankur. Because you know he would be doing it to you if he could.


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