Did you know

So I had a rather tough night so today I decided I would write about Ankur’s favorite stories and random facts about him.

Did you know Ankur was banned from the Mets stadium?  He had the framed letter hanging in his bedroom. He also didn’t step foot in the stadium until they built a new one.

Did you know Ankur jumped in the East River?  He got chased by cops and caught turtle scabies.

Did you know Ankur marched in the St.Patrick’s Day parade?  He held a flag, wore a kilt, and was out of step even with a giant drum beating the steps behind him.  He also love to tell people he was Ir-ish.

Did you know Ankur was very particular in how his shirt was tucked?  He wouldn’t leave the house for work unless it was perfect.

Did you know Ankur’s shoes were never tied?  I would accidentally trip him at least once a day because I kept stepping on them. I was always so afraid they would get caught in an escalator.

Did you know Ankur was so scared of smelling bad so he showered like three times a day?  He would also use all my shampoo and he was bald.  I eventually bought him some of his own.  Girl shampoo gets expensive.

Did you know Ankur would wear all my socks?  I would go out and buy him some of his own so he would stop stretching mine out but that didn’t stop him.  I eventually have up and started wearing his hehe

Ankur was such a funny guy. He loved being the center of attention. He had a “joke” book where he would write the worst jokes ever.  He in normal life was so funny but when he tried not o much. He wanted to be a comedian at one point, a writer like Hunter S. Thompson, a t-shirt designer, and his dream job was to work for a think tank. All he did day in and day out was read. His brain was just a sponge that soaked up everything and anything.  That’s one of the things that I loved most about him. I always said I would marry the man who would teach me something new everyday, and I did.

I could go on all day about him but the last and my favorite:  did you know Ankur would wake up at 2 every morning and if he wasn’t holding me, he would grab and pull me close to him.  he would hold me so tight that I could never go back to sleep but I loved it

He was the best.


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