One step at a time

The beginning of yesterday sucked but since I was determined not to stay in that anger, it ended good. I even had dinner with my family instead of sitting in my room and went and watched a movie with a friend. That motivation kept on through today. I woke up early, answered my emails, and got Winstyface and I ready for the gym. Buuuut They were repainting the area :(. I decided to not be ogled by nasty men so I took Winston on a walk around the square. Still feeling motivated I went home and did my own workout and started singing again. I haven’t really sung in so long. I was surprised by some of the notes I could still hit without practice and that made me so excited.  Yes I did have sad moments and had to stop a few times because of tears but for the most part, today has been a good day. 

No not every day will be good or even every hour.  One thing I tried to tell myself in the beginning but lost sight of is; just because you are having a hard time right that second, doesn’t mean you need to let it mess up the whole day. There are 24 hours in a day. That means you have 24 chances to change the day. We all tend to let one thing mess up an entire day. But why?  So we can feel sorry for ourselves?  That’s never going to help anything. The world doesn’t stop just because we want it to. Trust me, I’ve tried to stop it, it won’t.  One thing that helped me today and it is another thin forgot about was Deepak Chopra’s meditation series. I did one once when I was having fainting spells from panic attacks. Stress from Ankur being sick and no one listening to me that he was and treating me like I was wrong really got to me and caused some crazy anxiety. It helped then and today a friend wrote me on facebook and reminded me that slowing down and healing is not an outside thing. It’s an inner thing.  Don’t rush your process. Start from inside.


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