Missing Him

I have seriously been missing Ankur lately. And it’s different from before. After my first really good morning/afternoon I was walking to my car and had this sudden urge to call Ankur. He is still the first person I want to talk to when I’m happy, sad, anything. As I’m writing this, I’m crying because I just can’t help it. I’m not upset so I have no idea why I’m crying. It’s times like these that make being me so exhausting and unpredictable right now. I would love more than anything to feel him hold me right now. But as I’ve said before just because now is bad doesn’t mean I can’t fix the rest of the day. I took care of some accounting things this morning and am going to take Winstyface walking around town today. It’s not the nicest of days but we are used to NY weather so a little gloom is not going to stop us. I also spent yesterday on the couch so it’s time to get up and out. I feel so sad but I can’t have two days of sulking around the house. To brighten up my blog again. I will post picture proof of our day. Go seize the day people!!!!

imageHe loves riding with me in the car.

imageHe was so weirded out by all the squirls and wanted to play with them.

The last pic won’t add but we even got to stop by grandma’s office but she was too busy to come play.

By the end of the walk he was so tired I had to carry him back to the car. This city boy is sure loving the country.


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