Wedding Questionnaire

I’m kind of emotionally numb and have been on a bunch a allergy pills for this weird thing that took over my face. so I decided it would be a good time to share this. before we got married our Interfaith Minister had us privately full out this questionnaire. Funny enough he and I ended up writing just about the same thing. Especially where it says what do we love about eachother. Well I stumbled on his and thought I should share both of ours today. Enjoy.

My answers first his second

How did you meet?

We met outside Cornerstone, a bar. I hate this story because what self respecting woman dates a stranger they met at a bar hehe. 🙂 I went to the bar with a girlfriend (Lindsay she is a bridesmaid) because a good friend of mine just started working as a manager there. We talked for hours about nothing at all. I kept calling him adorable, which was mistake #1 because that’s all he would say after that. But “aren’t i so adorable?” 🙂 The one thing that was truly special about that night was we were standing outside talking and he kissed me and it started snowing. No joke. It was a little magical. But then I postponed dates for almost a month. Even my men hating roomie Lindsay was like I really like this guy. She threatened me to go out with him. I didn’t really know him and he could have had a girlfriend or be a serial killer, you have to be careful. So one night I was taking a friend around the city. He was new so I wanted to introduce him around to places that gave me discounts. I started telling him the story about this funny guy when who prances in, Ankur. I found out he was a regular and the managers gave me the low down. We have been together ever since :).

I asked for a match outside the bar (even though I had a lighter) on me and we began talking and spent the rest of that night getting to know each other. She gave me her number and told me to call her later but she kept postponing our dates until she heard from mutual friends who worked at the bar that I was a nice guy and a regular and that she had nothing to worry about.

What do you love about each other?

He truly gets me. He has this weird way about knowing what I’m going to say when I can’t get the words out. He also will kill me for saying this but he has the biggest heart. I sit there and see him tearing up over a tv show just as much as me and it makes me smile.

She truly gets and understands what makes me tick. I lover her big heart and her strength. While I was bedridden and convalescing from the surgeries she was right by my side as a doctor/nurse/psychiatrist/personal chef and best friend.

What does getting married mean to you?

It mean starting a journey together. I’m so excited to learn and make mistakes and grow with him. We will have something that is truly ours and fully in our control. I can’t wait to see what blossoms from it and where our life leads us.

To me, it means standing in front of your family and commiting to spending your life protecting, helping and supporting your best friend and life partner. It also means looking at each other and realizing that even with all the family and friends support we have, no matter what, you two are a team for life.

What are some of your dreams and intentions for married life?

I want to fully experience life through my marriage. I want to have adventures be it through travel or moving or children. I dream to have a happy life of our own.

– Good health, happiness and a loving family and kids. Before cancer I probably would have said the above but also making money and having a big, beautiful house and being able to do what we want but I’ve since come to realize that just being able to spend time together and building a healthy and happy family is all that matters.

What story do you want to share about your love?

He loves to share every “funny” story of mine but I’m going to share a cute one. Most know this story but some don’t. So we did A LOT of texting and emailing in the beginning of our relationship even to this day actually.  One day I was in my apartment in Queens and my phone completely died. I had emailed him telling what happened. I usually end my notes with a Bunch of xoxoxoxos but autocorrect changed it to zigzags. Now instead of hugs and kisses we say zigzags or just type /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\.

On our first date, after she finally agreed to go out with me, we went to one of my favorite restaurants in NYC, Luzzo’s. We got to talking and I made a joke about obtuse and acute angles and instead of looking at me with a weird look on her face, she spent the next few minutes pointing out obtuse and acute angles all around the restaurant. Also, right next to us was seated another couple on their first date as well, unfortunately for them it was going terribly neither of them seemed interested in each other and all we could do was laugh at watching them interact.

Another story that I’ll never forget was when I had to go see a doctor for the first time about possibly having cancer. She had her best friend in town but left them to come surprise and support me because she knew I’d be a wreck. The doctor told me he believed that I had cancer and that it was malignant. On our walk back I’ll never forget we were both in shock and had tears in my eyes and she grabbed my hand, squeezed it tightly and looked in my eyes and told me how much she loved me and that she knew in the bottom of her heart that I, and us, would be okay no matter what it took. As terrible as that day was the one thing I’ll always remember was her grabbing my hand and that look in her eyes when she said she knew I would be ok.

When we met with our minister to go over a flow and the questions, she was surprised to find out that we filled these out alone.  She completely thought we spoke to eachother about our answers or the questions but we had not. We actually were so busy with work and wedding that we both filled them out at work on lunch break. That last story is a hard one to read and remember because I was wrong. All I knew is that he needed me, he needed me to be strong. I guess I was right in one aspect that he is indeed much better now. As for me, well we will see. One thing I knew about that day was no matter what, I would do anything and everything for that man and I did. He gave me strength to keep going because it was for him. Everything I did was for him. It didn’t matter what I wanted. I knew I had to be tough for him Even when I wanted to break because he was stubborn but a softy.  My softy.


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