A little worse a little better

Hey guys!!! So I had to close one of Ankur’s accounts yesterday. As soon as the guy said, ok ma’am anything else I can help you with today?, I started balling.  It’s like it is so final. I then ran a red light!!!  I don’t even drive through yellow lights!!!  So that was a huge anxiety attack. I started the day off great. I went and had a wonderful workout, I got a bunch of business done, I got new allergy meds, I was feeling very accomplished by 3. Then I kind of spiraled. I tried to stay positive but ended up being kind of grumpy and snappy. I went through all the emotions yesterday. Like ALL of them. I guess I needed to because I woke up today feeling energized. I hope it carries on through the day. I’m going to the gym again, then get my hair back to normal, clean, study for the GRE, and cook for the family. Fingers crossed I don’t have another roller coaster day. Go seize the day people. Do at least one thing productive just for you.


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