So I wrote a nice blog

I did, I wrote two actually and have no idea where they went. This is when I need Ankur the most. I can fix or build anything but when it comes to this stuff, I’m lost. He did all “computer” stuff for me. Yeah I could probably build one but work it ehhhhhh. I will make up for lost blogs later.


Missing Him

I have seriously been missing Ankur lately. And it’s different from before. After my first really good morning/afternoon I was walking to my car and had this sudden urge to call Ankur. Continue reading

One step at a time

The beginning of yesterday sucked but since I was determined not to stay in that anger, it ended good. I even had dinner with my family instead of sitting in my room and went and watched a movie with a friend. That motivation kept on through today. I woke up early, answered my emails, and got Winstyface and I ready for the gym. Buuuut They were repainting the area :(. I decided to not be ogled by nasty men so I took Winston on a walk around the square. Still feeling motivated I went home and did my own workout and started singing again. I haven’t really sung in so long. I was surprised by some of the notes I could still hit without practice and that made me so excited.  Yes I did have sad moments and had to stop a few times because of tears but for the most part, today has been a good day.  Continue reading

Enough is enough

For those of you who don’t really know me, I HATE being angry. It hurts my feelings for some reason and makes me more mad. It can turn in to a vicious cycle. Obviously I’ve had a very rough few days. I’m mad. I’m mad at the world. I’m mad at everything and everyone. Which makes me mad at myself. Why can’t I just be happy?  Well….because I’m going through the biggest thing in my entire life after years of exhausting myself trying to prevent it. I have to come to terms with that.  No, i’m not going to be “normal”.   Not for a little while at least. There is no amount of sleep or reading or crying I can do that will fix this. Only time. So I used that anger today Continue reading